From intention to reality

Since the beginning of the pandemic, WHO has taken steps to prevent an “infodemic”— defined by the organization as “an overabundance of information and the rapid spread of misleading or fabricated news, images, and videos. (1)
Hum … overbundance …
What we observe in Wikipedia is insufficient – inabundant – information about key therapies.

Author : Chris Bois

The herbal therapy for Covid’s information emergency

I live near Lyon – France.
This is not a remote place, this is not far from qualified hospitals.
When my friend X. has caught the Covid what happened ?
Nothing ! There is no therapeutic proposal !!!
Now he is in the coma !
If I catch the Covid tomorrow what will happen ?
Before Covid burst, I have boosted my immune system so my T cells will kill viruses (2)
The remaining viruses will be killed by the essential oils – see Survival kit description.

The kit’s knowledge is 100 % extracted from published academic research.
Is this knowledge in WikiPedia ?

WikiPedia : The “let them die !” syndrome

No ! The knowledge for key therapies is not in WikiPedia.
We have described how Black knights destroy WikiPedia articles.
The Board of the Wikimedia Foundation has identified the problem and the “encyclopedia’s efficient cops” scenario is on its way.
The whole picture is described in our site Subversive colors for an inclusive encyclopedia.
Theoretically, the “Let them die ! ” scenario of the Black knights is over.

From World Health Opportunities to Wikipedia articles

All over the world, researchers have identified herbal therapies :
– efficient for boosting the immune system – T cells, etc.
– efficient to kill viruses and dangerous bacterias
– efficient to help people with remaining viruses

The World Health Organisation has a department which is dedicated to these therapies.

A transport problem

The science we need is called mediology.
Since the birth of Une fabrique de communs, mediology has been one of the pillars of the Fabrique.

Our question today – 2020 November 5th – is :
What can we to do help the transport of information from WHO to Wikipedia ?

Until now, we have written 9 articles to describe the Black knights’ problem and to propose solutions.

We began exchanges with WHO & Wikimedia people to go further.

Nota bene
About the picture on top, the “flying codex” come from our logo


(1) The World Health Organization and Wikimedia Foundation expand access to trusted information about COVID-19 on Wikipedia On WHO site 22 October 2020

(2) T cells found in COVID-19 patients ‘bode well’ for long-term immunity

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