Herbal therapies against Covid

The agreement between WHO and Wikimedia says :
With these new freely-licensed resources, Wikipedia’s more than 250,000 volunteer editors can also build on and expand the site’s COVID-19 coverage

Author : Chris Bois

The challenge

The Internet is “full” of academic publications on :
– immune system boost
– antiviral efficiency – global
– anticoronavirus efficiency
– efficiency for a specific coronavirus

The challenge is to enter this knowledge in Wikipedia articles.

Access to the same document with the links to publications.

Individual Wikipedia articles about plants

If the new WP protection for knowledge is efficient it is “easy” to add knowledge to the individual plants’s articles.

Accessing some academic publications needs paiement

This issue needs to be addressed for volunteer contributors.

The Wikipedia article “herbal therapies for Covid”

There is the need for an “official” source witch describes the “state of the art” i.e. the fact that the therapies are complementary and make a sort of “survival kit“.

Existing reviews of academic publications

Une fabrique de communs : Immune system boost, Covid and Superbugs

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