The survival kit against Covid = science + clinical practices

The kit comes from the experience of Une fabrique de communs with information retrieval for Superbugs – 2018-19 campaign.
Herbal therapy acts on four complementary factors :
– boosting the immune system
– killing the primary virus
– killing the opportunistic viruses and bacteria
– relieving from virus effect : inflammatory, respiratory, etc.

Author : Chris Bois

Clinical practices for viral conditions

Herbal medicine has been around for millennia.

It is very difficult for people with a scientific education to understand that the process is :
1. Curing people
2. Making scientific observations on the cures

It is the opposite from the process for chemicals :
1. Testing the chemical on animals
2. Using it on humans

It is impossible that science be here before echinacea or ravensara.

Animals healed themselves with plants before any human was here !!!

The survival kit as the state of the art

The survival kit was not invented by people of Une fabrique de communs.
Every item was already in academic research work on clinical practices in various places of the world.

Auto-therapy with or without assistance

Self observation is very important in herbal therapy.
One feel to be “saturated” with a plant extract.
Or, on the contrary, to have “not enough”.

So we speak of “assisted auto-therapy
We insist that people take advice with qualified people in herbal therapy.

Deep in the bush there are such qualified people – traditional transmission.
In large cities there are such qualified people – school transmission.
But millions of people live in small village where the knowledge on herbal therapy is lost.

That is why this knowledge must absolutely be in Wikipedia !

Presently it is on the site of Une fabrique de communs.

Photos from WikiMedia

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